basenji with owner


If you:
- love to wallow like a seal, and not to be undermined early in the morning for a long walk,

- in the evenings, you prefer to watch TV shows, rather than do active sports with your dog,

- you want a dog that will faithfully look into your eyes and be glad to just breathe next to you,

- have birds, hamsters, guinea pigs at home, in general, any potential dinner for a bassist hunter,

- did not have experience in raising hunting breeds or you are taking your first dog,

- you have small children who do not stand on ceremony with dogs, pulling them by the ears or tail,

- do not like thieving dogs that can easily open the refrigerator and steal a sausage ring from there,

- not ready to waste time working with jackal (picking up), which these guys have in their blood,

basenji playing with toy
basenji jumping

- do not have the angelic (or devilish?) patience to raise this wayward, proud and independent breed,

- you want to grow a watchman who will walk in front of you "at attention" and guard the house,

then the basenji is definitely not the breed for you, and you don’t have to read further.

But if you:
- love long active walks, sports (agility, coursing), games and entertainment with a cheerful and perky dog ​​friend,
- patient, ready to spend a lot of strength, energy, sooooo painstakingly work on raising a savage, which the basenjis are (they were not bred by man, therefore they are not too human-oriented),
- you understand how difficult it is to earn the respect of a dog that thinks about you, probably, all garbage (strength of an independent character),- you need a hypoallergenic dog with minimal grooming,

- together with your neighbors, you rejoice that you do not have a barking dog, and you are not embarrassed that basses can make a strange howl, reminiscent of a Tyrolean yodel, then feel free to take basenji!
These are unusually smart, funny, active dogs. And if you give them a lot of love, care and attention, they will forget about their wayward nature and become the most faithful and devoted friends in the world!

basenji jumping